Friday, July 16, 2010

Around the Block: Weekly Round-Up

And the word of the week is….Livability From the nation’s capital to NYC to Minnesota everyone was talking about how to best achieve the all encompassing term ‘livability.’ This included an interagency live chat at the White House on the coordination of housing, transportation, and environmental policies; NHC’s own forum in Minnesota discussing the cost of place; and a study showing compact development fairing better than the mega-Wal-Mart’s. It seems we have started to evolved to embrace a world that is convenient, sustainable, safe and affordable.

PACE-gate con’t- again We simply cannot do a round-up of the week without mentioning PACE-gate. The green retrofitting program grabbed headlines again with CA’s Attorney General thinking about taking “major action” against Fannie, Freddie, and Fed agency that regulates them, who now block financing for the program.

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