Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around The Block, New York News Edition

At a Glance AP takes a look at the decline in new construction, which is at its lowest level since November. And the WSJ offers an opposing, more upbeat view on the end of the homebuyer tax credit, which led to a dive in home sales and lots of folks predicting a double dip recession.

New York, New York, cont. Mayor Bloomberg has some ambitious plans for expanding affordable housing, but the NYT profiles a potential kink in the plan: what happens when people fall off the program? Also from the New York world, check out Andrea Star Reese’ powerful pics of some of the city’s homeless population (the source of the image above).

One Step Closer, cont. President Obama will be signing Wall Street reform into law in the next few days. In anticipation, the National Low Income Housing Coalition spotlights the bill’s extension of the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, the law that “provides renters whose landlords have lost their properties to foreclosure the right to stay in the home for 90 days after the foreclosure or through the term of their lease.”

The Seniors are Booming Quicker Than the Teens Last week we talked about the need to provide suitable living options for seniors, a group projected to grow 120% by 2050. Now, the NYT looks at the efforts of New York’s city planners to make the city more livable for the older population.

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