Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Around the Block, Homeless in Hollywood Edition

At a Glance If the administration’s monthly housing “scorecards” have seemed a little too upbeat to you so far, it might be in part because of some questionable metrics it was using for the HAMP anti-foreclosure program. If you’re looking for a measure of the housing market’s future, look past the homebuyer tax credit and focus on jobs, says WSJ.

PACE-Gate, cont Looks like the Fannie and Freddie goliaths might actually take a fall against the PACE green-retrofitting program if the Senate passes an energy bill this year, according to John Hiskes.

Avant-Garde? Fannie Mae’s CEO says the company’s tougher lending standards are a “New Realism” in the industry and here to stay.

Homelessness Goes Hollywood The younger Madame Pelosi will be bringing stories of the homeless to HBO, starting Monday night.

Books or Bed? That’s the choice facing many cash-strapped undergrads on the brink of homelessness, says Julianne Hing.

Image: The 1948 movie version of life on the streets, from Vittorio De Sica’s neo-realist classic, The Bicycle Thief, via

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