Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Does "Housing’s New Era" Mean For You?

You may have noticed the video we’ve been promoting for the last few weeks, called “Housing’s New Era.” The video features Maureen Friar, NHC’s president and CEO, explaining the importance of affordable housing in changing times, and how to leverage new and existing coalitions to achieve new goals.

NHC created this video, in partnership with MERS Inc. and America’s Federal Home Loan Banks, to help housing advocates make their case. Let’s be honest: housing has been taking a lot of heat in the press, and on Capitol Hill, over the past several years. Some folks are arguing that affordable housing shouldn’t be a funding priority in the midst of all of the other challenges facing the nation. This video explains why housing remains essential for families, and emphasizes why it must be a first-tier national priority as one of the primary drivers of the economy.

The financial disaster and the outbreak of foreclosures have left people struggling more than they have in almost a century. Research coming out of the Center for Housing Policy and dozens of other organizations is showing that a safe, decent affordable rental or owned home is growing farther and farther out of reach for millions of Americans.

Affordable housing is about fulfilling people’s dreams, and making thriving communities possible all across the country. Housing has always been the cornerstone of our economy, and it is a basic need that serves as the starting place for personal health, growth, and well-being. As the video makes clear: It’s about people. The people and partnerships that make affordable housing possible and the families and individuals who live there.

If you’re reading this blog chances are you care about housing, for one reason or another. If so, NHC, MERS Inc., and the FHLBanks made this video for you, to use as a resource to build support for and get the message out about the issues surrounding affordable housing. You can use it to start conversations at staff meetings, community discussions, coalition meetings, or just to share with a friend.

With so many people in the fight, the housing community needs a coordinated approach. “Housing’s New Era” gets the conversation started.

Please share “Housing’s New Era” through YouTube or by using a presentation quality version for events, which NHC, MERS Inc. and FHLBanks are offering free of charge. To order a free DVD or to receive a downloadable link to the video, please email me, Tim O’Keefe.

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