Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NHC Ventures West

NHC is happy to announce that we’ve welcomed our first member from Alaska: Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA). CIHA was formed by the State of Alaska in 1974 as one of 12 regional housing authorities to address the needs of low-income Indian families. While Alaska is not reservation based, it is home to 40 percent of the tribes in the country. In fact, Anchorage is the second most culturally diverse city in the U.S., behind Honolulu.

“Cook Inlet Housing Authority is pleased to see that the efforts of the NHC, particularly the work of the Center for Housing Policy, are in direct alignment with the research and efforts we’ve been focused on in our region. We feel it validates our work thus far and we see the opportunity to learn and to fine tune our messaging through a partnership with NHC,” Said Carol Gore, CIHA president and CEO.

“The complex issues of affordability, perception and workforce housing continue to be a challenge across the nation. Collaboration and partnership will help us all move towards effective solutions without exhausting our individual resources. We are excited to join NHC and we look forward to participating in this ongoing, vital dialogue.”

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