Monday, June 14, 2010

Maureen Friar Speaks From NHC's Gala

At NHC’s Annual "Housing Person of the Year" Gala last Wednesday, Maureen Friar, president and CEO of NHC, shared her thoughts and excitement on her first time attending what she called “the best housing event in America.”

Friar took over as the head of NHC in February of 2010, and last week’s event was in part a celebration of her new leadership. During the reception, Friar spoke alongside her predecessor, Conrad Egan, who shared his well wishes for NHC in the future (after receiving a resounding standing ovation from the crowd).

Friar has contributed new energy and vision to NHC, with a fresh perspective that helped set the tone for the event. As Friar says in the video, the Gala—and NHC’s agenda going forward—is about industry-wide collaboration in Housing’s New Era, and NHC’s continued leadership as an organization “on the move.”

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