Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Energy-Efficiency Upgrades Will Make Wheeler Terrace DC’s First LEED® Certified Affordable Housing Community

Last week, “Open House” shared information about NHC Member Partner the Community Preservation and Development Corporation’s (CPDC) efforts to make Wheeler Terrace, a 116-unit residential property in Southeast Washington, DC, both greener and safer.

Throughout the rehabilitation process CPDC has been committed to demonstrating that high-quality housing can be both green and affordable. With final approval from the U.S .Green Building Council pending, Wheeler Terrace is set to become DC’s first LEED® certified “green” affordable housing community.

In addition to achieving LEED® certification, the property will also meet Enterprise Community Partners’ “Green Communities” criteria. Upgrades to fulfill both of these certifications include: a geothermal heat pump, white reflective vinyl roofs and a green roof demonstration project, innovative clean-air systems, and energy-efficient insulation and appliances.

James Wilson, Wieneck and Associates, is working with CPDC to complete the project. Wilson speaks in detail about the property’s energy-efficient upgrades in the on-site videos below, including efforts to improve indoor air quality for residents. CPDC is also working with the National Center for Healthy Housing on a study to measure the impact of these green improvements on the health of Wheeler Terrace residents.

Wheeler Terrace: James Wilson Highlights the Property’s Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Wheeler Terrace: James Wilson Discusses Measures to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Later this week, “Open House” will post an additional video on CPDC’s work to revitalize communities by connecting housing to a wider range of amenities.

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