Thursday, September 17, 2009

NHC President and CEO Conrad Egan Answers the Question "What Can Be Done to Create More Affordable Housing?"

Today's Tennessean features an editorial spread focused on answering the question, "What can be done to create more affordable housing?"

As part of this spread, NHC President and CEO Conrad Egan answered the question by examining the evolving "American Dream" and stressing the importance of a balanced housing policy -- that is, one that also recognizes the important role affordable rental housing plays in the housing market. Egan also emphasizes the need for better coordination among all levels of government, as well as across agencies and industries, among other viewpoints.

To learn more, please Read Egan's Featured Guest Editorial.

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PBJ said...

It's a pipe dream, but changing zoning practices would go a long way. Zoning restrictions, by nature, limit supply of housing. When you limit supply of a good it becomes more expensive, often by a lot.