Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PBS Documentary Focuses on Jonathan Rose and the Benefits of Green, Mixed-Income Communities

A recent PBS documentary, narrated by Brad Pitt and entitled e² Design: Affordable Green Housing, explores the benefits of building green communities that include housing options for people of all income levels located near transit.

Specifically, the documentary highlights the work of Jonathan Rose, president of Jonathan Rose Companies LLC, whose dedication to creating eco-friendly, mixed-income communities has had a lasting impact on New York City. Rose – a third-generation developer from New York – believes that the diversity and complexity of a community is what provides its strength and, ultimately, its sustainability. By combining all of these factors, Rose is helping to redefine the word "community" in urban areas.

To view a portion of this documentary, please watch the segment below:

Jonathan Rose was also highlighted in this recent article for his commitment to developing affordable housing that is both innovative and eco-friendly.

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