Friday, May 1, 2009

National Housing Institute's "Rooflines" Blog Features Information on Smart Growth and Sustainability

Issues of sustainability and smart growth are becoming a fast-growing trend among housing advocates as we continue to discuss possible ways to include affordable, green housing into discourse on "livable" communities.

The National Housing Institute (NHI) showcases an ongoing discussion sustainability and smart growth on its "Rooflines" Blog. This post, written by Kaid Benfield, points out that development patterns are often testament to the preferences and lifestyle choices made from generation to generation.

Benfield writes, "...this is no longer the same America that fled the cities in droves in the 20th century and created the new suburbs, one after another, that they hoped would be idyllic."

As American demographics continue to evolve, so will the choices that determine how and where we choose to live.

According to Benfield, other possible explanations for this growing trend towards "livable" communities include the economic recession, foreclosure crisis and recent rises in gas prices.

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