Friday, May 15, 2009

Improved Transit Options Key to America's Sustainable Future

Forward-thinking transportation policies are critical to creating livable communities – as good transportation options located near job centers oftentimes mean less stress, less money spent on commuting and more family time.

Yesterday, the Senate introduced legislation aimed at restructuring the nation's transportation system, which calls for less dependence on automobile use, reduced carbon emissions and new support for increased public transit, inter-city rail systems and rail freight service.

NHC is working closely with its member partner Transportation for America (T4 America) on helping chart a new course for our nation’s transportation system. To learn more, visit the new T4 America sponsored Web site “My Commute Sucks.” The Web site enables people across the nation to express frustrations with their commute and encourages Congress to make smart transportation investments focused on addressing these concerns.

As part of this effort, many Americans who use automobiles as their primary mode of transportation may begin to reevaluate what types of vehicles they choose. This CNN video profiles two electric options – a sports car and a scooter – that provide a glimpse of what could become more popular for those who wish to make a smaller carbon footprint.

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