Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NHC Links Issues of Affordable Housing to Transportation

As transportation and infrastructure programs are up for federal re-authorization, campaigns like T4 America are advocating for policymakers to create smarter infrastructure policy that will ensure a sustainable transportation system to address the needs of communities across the United States.

As an active member of the T4 America Campaign, NHC continues to play an essential role in advocating for infrastructure policy reform by convening and educating housing advocates on this issue to strengthen the link between affordable housing and transportation.

Meanwhile, current debate over the economic recovery package has helped set the tone for future legislative policy regarding impending infrastructure programs.

A recent article in the New York Times points out that while the economic recovery package will provide job growth and economic stability, it lacks in innovation - especially in regards to infrastructure policy. The author, David Leonhardt, comments:

"By my count, the current package has just one major flaw. It could do a lot more to change how the government spends its money. "

With the recent change in Administration, many individuals are looking for the economic recovery package to also include fresh ideas and a reformist attitude.

Some advocates argue that current drafts of the economic recovery package showcase an old-school approach to infrastructure policy by designating additional funds for projects without giving a thorough analysis of their current condition.

Nevertheless, the T4 America Campaign earned a large victory earlier today when the House passed an amendment, introduced by Congressman Nadler (NY-D), to the economic recovery package that awarded an additional $3 billion for transit capital.

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