Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NHC Creates Comprehensive Analysis of Upcoming Economic Recovery Package

As policymakers continue to work towards an Economic Recovery Package on Capitol Hill, NHC has collected a wide variety of housing-related proposals among many organizations.

As a result, NHC created two documents that compare various housing related requests with the proposals included in both the House and Senate drafts of this important legislation.

Although NHC does not necessarily endorse or share the views expressed in these proposals, it is important to compile a document that includes popular requests from fellow housing organizations.

The Economic Recovery Package is currently split into two pieces to include both programmatic spending and tax cuts that will ensure economic recovery and job growth.

Therefore, this table includes an updated comparison of various housing-related spending requests with spending provisions included in the House and Senate versions of the Economic Recovery Package.

Meanwhile, this table compares various housing-related tax credit requests to the tax provisions included in both the House and Senate drafts of the Economic Recovery Package.

The Senate has not released an official draft of the bill language yet. The data used in these tables are from summaries available on the Senate Committee on Appropriations Web site and the Senate Finance Committee Web site. NHC will continue to update the tables as new information is received from Capitol Hill.

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